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"How do I get an Art Style?"

This is so often a thought of newer artists’ minds. The idea of the art style. Yes, some individuals have specific art styles and some do not. The focus on art style is not as necessary as some might believe. The main thing you should focus on is improving. Your style will come naturally as you get better with art and people will be able to recognize it. Try not to fret over it. With that being said, I will list things you can do in order to improve and evolve an art style. It is not a sure way to do it but it allows you to see how you like art to be displayed.

Break Down Other Art

Look at the work of the artists that you like. Why do you like it? I recommend printing out a low resolution picture and just take note of what you like about and circle the aspects that you like. Do this with multiple artists. I would say at least three. This starts to allow you to see why you like certain people’s work. It also allows you to break down what they are actually doing rather than just the image as a whole. It can help allow you to incorporate different ideas, techniques, and visual styles into your work.

Once you have these different things noted or circled, try incorporating them in your work. If you feel it doesn’t seem to work with your art, either keep practicing or discard that technique and go onto the next one. Doing this with different artists allows you to start to evolve a unique look.

Emulate Their Work

You have an artist whose style you like? Emulate their work. With this step, I am not telling you to copy. But look at all the things you consider to give them their unique style. Use those things and apply them to your own character or your own concept.

I would say this is similar to when people do the style challenge. This is mainly to allow you to learn their technique. Do not do this for all of your art pieces but you can do it as a learning experience.

If you post it on social media, CREDIT the artist who you emulated. People will recognize the style, especially if the artist is popular and their style does belong to them. People will criticize you for copying someone’s style so if you are going to share it, make sure to say you were studying a specific individuals style. People do not want to see a copy of another person’s style.

Copy Other Artists

I know, this is something you are told to not do but consider it like when you study the masters. If you have an artist that you like, it can be helpful to copy their work to see if you can nail their technique.  THE PIECE MADE AS A COPY SHOULD NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY.  Some artists allow people to copy as long as credit is given but I say the best practice is to not show it, mainly because people don’t want to see how good you can copy someone.

Also DON’T TRACE the original artwork. You can’t really learn how to draw if you are just tracing it instead. Learn how to recreate the piece on a blank canvas. That will allow you to learn the most. This is solely as a learning experience. As I said earlier, anything you copied, should not be shared and SHOULD NEVER BE CLAIMED AS YOUR OWN.

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