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How to Maintain your Workflow

You probably have heard or experienced burnout and artist block. Or you may have experienced a point where you simply were not content with any of the work you were producing. Art is not simply your skill. Your mental health plays a huge role as well as consistency. I hope to be able to provide tips to help prevent these or to help you get through a period of burnout or block.

Mental Health Matters

Mental health affects your job no matter the field. But with a job where a lot of the ideas come from your mind, issues within your mental health will affect your ability to create art. If you are losing desire to create art, or even get out of bed, it is time to take a break and focus on your mental health.

This is alright to do but if you are not in a period of bad mental health, prepare for it. If you do not have a 9-5 job, you most likely do not have sick time. Save money for health related emergencies and needed time off. This can help alleviate the stress of needed to work because you need the money.

Find Another Hobby

Often, art is your hobby. When you were struggling in school or stressed, you would draw to relieve stress. When art becomes your job, you need to find something else to do. If you are constantly making art, it can be frustrating to try to force more artwork out as a means of relieving stress.
It could be anything, whether working out, a different kind of art such as writing or music, or anything that you do not do professionally. You need something to allow your mind to cool down.

Separate Professional Work and Personal Work

When art becomes your work, you need to separate what you are doing for yourself and what you are doing for others. If it seems like you are only doing work for others, you need to create work for yourself. Make sure you have time to do this personal work. Often as people who make our own schedules, we do not have a sense of a work day. We cannot work all the time. I recommend making a point within the day to work. Start with 9am – 5pm and see what works best for you. Only go over that time if absolutely necessary.

This separation of professional and personal work can be applied for workspace. I know when I am in my dorm, I am often drawing in the same place I sleep. Even making sure you work on your professional work at a desk rather than on a bed or your couch can be helpful. When you work on these casual areas, it makes your life difficult to distinguish when you are at work or at rest. It can even interfere with your sleep.

Keep Improving

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