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Copyright and Legal Guide

I have done a lot of studying into copyright law and legal uses of artwork. Many individuals do not know their rights as artists and also things they are not allowed to do as artists. Many also do not understand many legal terms in regards to art as well. This resource page aims to give you the resources to be able to understand copyright and legal rights for you as an artist.

DISCLAIMER: I am a United States based artist so all my knowledge is in regards to how it is run in the United States or United States based companies (i.e. Instagram). Most may apply in your country, but you may need to double check if you are able to use the same law.

DISCLAIMER: None of the content on this site is sponsored. Any sponsored content will remain on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. I want to solely provide unbiased resources for you to use. Also, much of the content is not owned by me and will redirect you to other creator’s sites. I am not stealing their work not claiming it as my own. I am simply pointing you in their direction.