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Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines

This is a very helpful book for doing art within the professional field, especially as a freelancer. Even though it focuses on digital art and graphic art, it includes lots of information on contracts, copyright, your rights as an artist of any medium, and more. Much of the information applies to all mediums.

You do not necessarily need the newest one as they produce a new one every year and it contains mostly the same information. However it is definitely essential for reference and providing you all the information you could ever need with doing art professionally.

This is not a sponsored link or affiliated link. I do not get any profit from you purchasing this book.

Digital Artists Handbook

YouTube Channels to Follow

Kienan Lafferty (KNKL)

With his channel, he attempts to post a new video discussing different art topics once a week. He shares tips and tricks to get certain effects within your art. There are over hundreds of videos and he often doesn’t skip steps like in some YouTube tutorials.

His videos are fairly long but are inspiring and encourage drawing along. I recommend his videos when you are facing burnout or artist block. He has a very friendly personality and doesn’t talk down about other artist’s skill levels.

Widowmaker by Kienan Lafferty
Art By Kienan Lafferty
Art By Kienan Lafferty

Josiah Brooks (Draw With Jazza)

With some of his earlier videos, he has done many tutorials. Lately he has been doing many challenges but he was one of the first who provided animation tutorials. He also gives many digital art tutorials to help you improve. His channel has grown immensely since he started. He also has tutorials available on Skillshare, a platform for tutorials as well.

Although his newer content is not as focused on tutorials, he still posts tutorials from time to time. Additionally, he focuses on traditional medium as well as digital medium. He also holds contests on NewGrounds which can help give you some inspiration if you need some.

Hulk by Josiah Brooks
Character by Josiah Brooks
Groot by Josiah Brooks

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